About Me

Colleen Bak MA, CD(DONA)

I have been actively involved with birthing women since 2002, when I began working as a Birth Assistant at the former Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center in Manhattan . During my time at ESCbC I was blessed with the opportunity to assist women, their partners, and their midwives through numerous labors and births. I have remained active in the birth community, since the unfortunate closure of the ESCbC, and was a founding member of the board of Directors of Friends of the Birth Center, a non-profit organization with the ultimate goal of aiding in the reestablishment of a thriving independent birth and women's health center in Manhattan. My academic background is in anthropology and I completed my MA degree at NYU in 2004, where my concentration of studies was modern American birth politics focusing on the homebirth movement and the legality of midwifery. I received my technical training and certification as a doula through Doulas of North America International. I am a former-council member of the Metropolitan Doula Group. I have written extensively on childbirth and have had articles published in Midwifery Today and The Birth Kit. My master's thesis was also published as a chapter in the book Trends in Midwifery Research. I am also a certified Reiki level I practitioner.

Through my years of mothering my own children I have aquired extensive personal experience with breastfeeding, tandem nursing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, babywearing and finding peace, calm and awe in the often powerful chaos that is parenting.

I believe strongly in the ability of women's bodies to birth babies, and the ways in which this naturally empowering process can be enhanced by the presence of a woman experienced in childbirth.

I live with my husband and three daughters in Queens. I have provided support at births in hospitals, birth centers and homes in the metropolitan area and am available throughout NYC to support women and their partners in the birthing process in any setting.