Doula Services

What is a doula?
Doulas are participants in the ancient tradition of a network of women supporting women through birth. A doula is a woman experienced in childbirth who provides emotional, physical and informational support to a woman and her partner through the transformative natural process of their birth. Doulas offer their unique stability, knowledge and experience to empower women to release and work with their bodies to birth their babies in the manner that they desire.

What does my doula service entail?
If you have read my qualifications and decided that you are interested in me as a doula, we will set up a free consultation that does not obligate you to hire me. Meeting in person will help you decide if you feel comfortable with me and indeed want to invite me to your birth.

If you hire me my services include:
*A prenatal appointment with you and your partner to discuss more fully how I can best support you in your birthing process and your specific birth desires/wishes/intentions, as well as any concerns or worries you may have.
*You will have access to me via phone and email to talk about any questions or concerns that may surface during your pregnancy. I can provide informational/emotional support as well as resources and referrals as necessary.
*I will be on-call for you from the moment you hire me, but from two weeks prior to your EDD until your baby is in your arms I will be on-call 24 hours/day guaranteed.
*Regular phone contact during early labor.
*Continuous emotional, physical and informational support from the point in your labor that you want me to join you until you are settled after the baby's birth (usually 1-2 hours after the baby's birth).
*Assistance with initial breastfeeding, if desired.
*A postpartum appointment, within two weeks of your birth, during which we will process your birth experience and I will give you a written copy of your birth story.

I work on a sliding scale of $1100-800. However, I am often happy to negotiate my fee or barter if we all feel that I am the "right" doula for you but cannot afford this range. I do not feel that any woman should be denied doula care due to financial restraints.